Ten Pieces Of Advice On Selecting A Good Essay Topic

When instructors assign an essay they usually provide a list of 10 or so topics to choose from. These topics relate to something that has already been discussed in class or covered in readings. Ideally, you should have kept up with both to put you in a spot in which to comfortably choose something you are comfortable doing the essay on. However, this isn’t always the case. So we have asked a trustworthy essay writing service to share some advice with you:

  1. Choosing something interesting to write
  2. One of the most common pieces of advice you have probably heard from any college essay service is to choose a topic that you are genuinely interested in writing about. Your enthusiasm for the topic will show through in your writing.

  3. Make sure you can make an argument
  4. A good essay should present a clear and concise argument. Most of the time you are not being asked to summarize or describe a topic – you’re instead being asked to take a stand on an issue and make a case for why your opinion is right.

  5. See if there is enough supporting content
  6. Head down to the school library and do a little pre-research to make sure there is enough material to support your argument. Consider the limitations in the time you have to complete the assignment and the resources immediately available to you.

  7. Discuss the topic with a few classmates
  8. It’s a good idea to share your topic and ideas with a few of your classmates. This discussion might inspire a different viewpoint or could reveal to you that some of you are writing about the same thing. Remember, originality is very important.

  9. Review existing bibliographies for material
  10. As part of your preliminary research, check out a few of the bibliographies printed in the back of some of the resources you found. These should give you some ideas about what you might want to look into as you conduct your in-depth research.

  11. Spend a few minutes brainstorming/freewriting
  12. Never underestimate the benefits of a good brainstorming or freewriting session. No one has to read these pieces, so you have the freedom of writing however you want. The trick is to get your ideas down in one place.

  13. Always try to narrow the focus of the topic
  14. No one, not even your instructor, expects you to write a comprehensive study on a given topic. So why not make the process easier and instead try to focus the topic as much as possible to ensure you do your best to write about something specific.

  15. Develop a few draft thesis statements
  16. By writing out a few drafts thesis statements you can look at your topic in different ways and select the argument you are most prepared to discuss at length. Remember with the help of an essay service, you can always change your thesis later on.

  17. Don’t hesitate to revisit a paper from a different viewpoint
  18. There is nothing wrong with revisiting work you’ve done in the past and taking on a different viewpoint or developing the argument further. Hire an essay proofreading service to show you how to do this effectively.

  19. Ask your teacher for assistance to get started
  20. Finally, don’t forget that your teacher makes for an excellent resource towards the completion of any of your assignments. Ask for some help to get going, you’ll get a head start and will be more likely to succeed in writing an excellent paper.

Now you should be able to choose a great topic to write about. But if you feel you still need a little extra help in the actual composition of the project, then you should contact a professional essay editing service that specializes in your subject or discipline area.

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