Seven Pieces Of Advice On Academic Essay Formatting

Academic formatting might not seem all that important, but it can make a big difference between getting a B+ and an A+ on any assignment. Most instructors follow a set of standards established in accordance to their specialized disciplines. You should always use a guide or ask your instructor directly if you are unsure of the formatting standards or rules you should be following, or you can get professional assistance from an online essay writing service for fast and convenient help. This article gives you seven pieces of advice from the pros you should always follow when formatting a paper in any discipline:

  1. Make Sure Your Margins and Line Spaces Are Consistent
  2. The first thing you should check is that your margins are even and line spaces are consistent throughout the paper. This can be easily set or fixed using any of today’s word processing programs in “Page Layout.”

  3. Use the Correct Font Size and Type Face for Your Work
  4. Next, make sure you use a good font size and type face for your essay. An essay editor service could fix this for you in a jiffy, but you can always go with the standard 12-point font and Times New Roman (or Arial) to be on the safe side.

  5. Set Your Short and Long Quotations Properly on the Page
  6. Quotations are essential to any well-written essay because they provide supportive evidence in from credible sources. The trouble is that each short and long quotations follow different rules. Short quotes (3 lines or less) need to be placed within the text; long quotes (4 lines or more) need to be placed in a block paragraph.

  7. Check Your Footnotes and Endnotes Carefully for Accuracy
  8. Footnotes and endnotes are quite confusing and hiring a cheap essay writing service like WriteMyEssay.Today might be more convenient. Each of these should be used when cited information might be of further interest to the reader, but fits just outside of the scope of the assignment.

  9. Ensure Your Citations and Bibliography are Done Correctly
  10. Your citations are any pieces of information that come from other sources. They must contain all accurate information pertaining to where this information can be found within a resource. Additionally, your bibliography at the end must provide information for each of those resources.

  11. If a Title Page is Required, Make Sure Spacing is Accurate
  12. Some disciplines require you to include a title page – but this doesn’t mean you should try to do something fancy or decorative. Academic papers usually have a set rule for how title pages should look, as well as the information that should be included.

  13. Print-out Your Paper to Check that Formatting is Right
  14. The best essay service will make sure you assignment is formatted 100% correct. But you can try to check this on your own by printing out your paper to ensure that everything lines up perfectly and just the way you planned.

The advice above should help you get by with your next academic assignment, but if you really want to do all you can to earn that A+, then a top-notch American essay writing service is the best course of action. Get recommendations from friend or classmates and then check for third party reviews on the web. This should narrow down your options to just a handful of the best places to turn to for assistance.

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