12 Astonishing Topics For Your Next Essay About Arts

Art has played a vital cultural role throughout human history. Thousands of years ago the paintings on cave walls were made by some of the first humans as a way to document history and express beliefs. Today a single art piece can fetch millions of dollars alone and people are willing to flock in large crowds to catch a glimpse of a famous statue or painting publicly displayed in a museum. Indeed, art will continue to fascinate for thousands of years to come and to discuss its various aspects is endless. Here is a list of 12 great topics for you to consider using in your next essay assignment on the Arts:

  1. How has photography art changed as a result of cinema? If you’re stuck with ideas, a college essay editing service can help you brainstorm several original approaches to discuss this topic.
  2. How has depicted human triumphs over the course of the last 500 years? Do different cultures depict human triumphs in different ways or are these depictions largely similar across geography?
  3. If the super-wealthy are willing to pay millions of dollars on a single piece of art, why are the less inclined to spend this much money on other things that are meant to help people who need it the most?
  4. Why are historians so concerned about the preservation of artistic pieces with sordid pasts? For example, why do museums old onto pieces valued or created by groups that have committed crimes against humanity?
  5. Compare to pieces of physical art (e.g., sculptures) from the last half century and describe the ways in which they deviate from classical forms. Can an essay writer service help with your ideas?
  6. An essay writing service U.K. law can help bring up several ideas on famous art crime (e.g., forgery, theft, vandalism, etc.). Consider writing about how these types of crimes happen to drive the price of art work around the world?
  7. Choose your favorite artist from the last century and write about how he or she has been instrumental in developing a new school of art. If you don’t know how to structure this kind of paper contact a good essay writing service for help.
  8. How does ancient Roman art differ from that which arose prior to it in ancient Greece? Has one influence western civilization more so than the other? Come up with at least two examples of modern day art that show this influence.
  9. Choose a controversial political art piece that has been banned or censured by one or more groups. If you need extra help, be sure to look up essay editing service reviews before hiring any one service provider.
  10. Explain how the rise of expressionism reflected what was going on in terms of culture and politics in Europe. How did this foretell the coming of the Great War in the early 20th century?
  11. Is fashion considered a form of art? What case can you make for or against this? Do you think fashion designers find inspiration from traditional form of art or are they entirely original with their ideas?
  12. Should artists receive special legal treatment as a result of their importance to cultural history? Will people judge artists differently, regardless of their crimes, after they are dead and the only things that remain are their creations?
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